Persistent Representation During Probate

Probate administration, especially when there are multiple heirs and property issues, can be overwhelming. There are many moving pieces — assets must be identified and valued, heirs determined and notified, estate planning documents interpreted and legal actions initiated. Navigating through the process requires diligence and persistence — the two qualities we are known for.

At the law office of G. Esther Cruz, our goal is to help you complete the estate administration process as efficiently and accurately as possible. Being licensed for more than 30 years, G. Esther Cruz is an experienced probate lawyer who guides estate administrators and executors through the probate process. She will be by your side every step of the way, explaining the process and ensuring your legal duties are fulfilled.

Plan For The Future. Create An Estate Plan.

Creating an estate plan is an intimate process. Once that forces you to consider your own mortality and plan for the many unknowns life can bring. We know it can be difficult. But remember, creating a plan today is the best way to care for your family tomorrow.

You don't create an estate plan for yourself. You do it for your family.

Making the decision to speak with us is the first step. Together, we will create an estate plan that protects your assets and your family, and provides you with peace of mind.