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Guiding Clients Through
 the Probate Process


Probate has many moving parts. You need an attorney who is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but persistent. Attorney Esther Cruz is that person. She helps families, executors and administrators who have deceased relatives owning assets in San Antonio navigate Texas probate process.

Making Probate As Easy As Possible

When people come to our office, they are often overwhelmed. In addition to losing a loved one, they now have the burden of administering his or her estate. At the law office of G. Esther Cruz, we understand your stress. Our goal is to make the probate process as easy as possible.

Administering an estate is a journey — one we are on together.

The goal of probate is to liquidate the estate and distribute its assets. However, many duties must be fulfilled before liquidation can occur. While the process will vary based on which probate process is used, the basic steps include:

  • Identifying and valuing all of the estate's assets

  • Identifying, locating and notifying beneficiaries and heirs

  • Interpreting estate planning documents

  • Selecting the appropriate probate procedure

  • Submitting the estate to probate

  • Distributing assets

  • Identifying the creditors and starting the claims process

  • Distributing assets and preparing transfer documents if necessary

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Esther Cruz will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure all your duties as administrator or executor are met. She will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Which Estate Administration Procedure Is Right?

Texas has seven separate probate procedures. Each has its own set of rules and processes. Selecting the appropriate procedure — and navigating it — can be overwhelming. We can help.

  1. Independent administration

  2. Administration with will annexed

  3. Administration with dependent administrator

  4. Regular dependent administration

  5. Muniment of title

  6. Proceedings to determine heirship

  7. Small estates

Determining which probate process to use is highly fact-specific. Ms. Cruz will evaluate the estate and the planning documents present — if any — to determine which process is best.

Get Help With Probate

We are a boutique law practice. Unlike larger firms, our clients do not get lost in the mix. Instead, you work directly with Ms. Cruz — a skilled lawyer. She is always available to answer your questions and discuss your case.

In addition to representing estate administrators and executors, we also represent beneficiaries, heirs and other family members during estate litigation.

For help with probate administration, or to contest action taken by an administrator or executor, contact our law office. Call us today at 210-400-5204. Se habla Español.



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