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Administering an Estate
Without a Will

The goal of probate is to liquidate the estate and distribute the assets. Before an estate can be liquidated, the following things must happen:

  • The deceased's assets must be identified and valued.

  • The estate's creditors must be determined, notified and paid through the probate claims process.

  • The heirs must be identified.

  • The taxes must be paid.

When no will exists, the probate process is more complex. Before any of these steps can be taken, the court must first appoint an administrator and a surety bond must be posted. The court must also determine the deceased's heirs.

As a former senior attorney for the FDIC, ASA former bankruptcy trustee attorney, and as a probate attorney, Ms. Cruz has many years of experience liquidating assets.

Located in San Antonio, our law office helps administrators complete the probate process. We also represent heirs and potential heirs during estate administration disputes.


Determination of Heirship

One of the most complex parts of administering an estate without a will is determining who inherits the deceased's property. When individuals pass away without a will, Texas intestacy laws control the distribution of estate assets.

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Intestacy laws use bloodlines to determine who is an heir. If the deceased was not married or did not have children and his parents are also deceased, this determination of heirship can quickly become complicated.

Esther Cruz has assisted with the most complex administrations, including those involving many heirs at multiple generations. She understands how Texas intestacy laws work, and diligently interprets the laws to accurately identify all heirs.

Her real estate experience also benefits clients during probate administration. She investigates title to real property, assists with the transfer and sale of properties, and distributes proceeds to the appropriate heirs.

For Accurate, Efficient Estate Administration, Call 210-400-5204.

dministering an estate without a will can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive. It is important to consult with an experienced, persistent lawyer who will ensure administration is handled appropriately and efficiently. For more information about our services, call 210-400-5204 or contact us online. Se habla Español.


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